ABOUT Giselle

Hello, Friends! 👋

I'm Giselle, a proud mom of two beautiful kids and one angel, a dedicated wife, and an enthusiastic entrepreneur. I believe that amidst the overwhelming moments in life, there is no more crucial role than the one we play in our homes.

I'm a devoted Jesus lover, finding strength in His unconditional love, which I consider the strongest rock for our lives. Born in Colombia and residing in the USA for the past nine years, my journey has been shaped by faith, family, and the lessons learned along the way.

Married for eight wonderful years, my husband and I were blessed with our first son after three years of marriage. Two years later, we experienced the unexpected and painful loss of our second baby, Noah.

Though challenging, this moment became a profound teacher, showing us the importance of appreciating the miracle of life. Noah, our angel, strengthened us, making me forever grateful for the joy and privilege of being her mom.

Two years following Noah's passing, we were graced with the arrival of our rainbow baby, a testament to the perfection of Jesus' ways. Through these experiences, I found the inspiration to start my entrepreneurial journey, honoring my motherhood and aiming to support fellow mamas in their important roles.

As a mom and entrepreneur, I'm passionate about managing our homes like a CEO, understanding that a home is even more complex than a company. Learning schedules, strategies, and continuous self-development have become my tools for success. In this space, I'm here to offer encouragement, share tried-and-true favorites, and provide tools that make life a little easier. Whether it's finding the perfect household gadget, the essential baby must-haves, or the cutest baby gear, consider me your partner in navigating the beautiful chaos of motherhood and life. Let's grow healthy and love humans together! 🌟💖


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